The School for Contemplative Living
Saturday, September 05, 2015
Listening in Stillness, Serving in Joy!
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"Saying 'Yes' to Life: Contemplative Practice and Inner Healing"

   6th Annual Contemplative Workshop

Session 1:  Deciding What Really Matters
7 pm, Friday, September 25
Session 2:  Making Peace With Change
10 am, Saturday, September 26
Session 3:  Living With An Open Heart
1 pm, Saturday, September 26

Each Session $25  |  Lunch $10
All Sessions and Lunch:  $75

At the door: $90


Made possible by a grant from  a charitable foundation encouraging meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative prayer: www.trustformeditation.org.
Deacon John's Healing Concert
This special event was a unique way to practice the presence of God. See his TV interview here: http://wgno.com/2015/08/26/deacon-john-heals-hearts-with-his-voice-a-decade-after-katrina/


Our Mission

Creating contemplative communities who practice the presence of God for personal transformation and radical engagement with the world.

A Contemplative Pledge
In the early 21st century a monastery without walls, a monastery of the heart, a lay, ecumenical contemplative community is being born. We contemplatives are simply seekers of oneness with God. We remember what Jesus said, "May all be one, as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they also may be in us." (John 17:21)
As brothers and sisters of this oneness we are gathering in a time when religion is going crazy, again, defining itself by who it judges as unworthy. In such a time we create an open table to invite all spiritual seekers to come into the shelter of an inclusive community, a home for all of us sinners and saints, a refuge for Americans who are wearied by a frantic culture and an overly busy church. In such a time of distress, we will teach each other how to find our inner sanctuary and we will learn to serve the world from that True Home together. We commit ourselves to the mission of creating contemplative communities who practice the presence of God for personal transformation and radical engagement with the world.
Listening in Stillness
Cultivating a contemplative presence for God involves daily practice of spiritual disciplines in solitude.
To learn more about our central practice of centering prayer,


Because the journey cannot be completed alone, we also practice and learn with a community of supportive friends. This, for us, is the inward journey: "practicing the Presence of God for personal transformation."

Serving in Joy!
Presence for God brings us into God's heart for the world. The result is action - a response of serving by bringing the Presence into our service. We serve through our chosen vocations and through shared missions. We seek radical engagement with the world. This for us is the outward journey.

To learn more from our stories of contemplative living see:
William Thiele, Monks in the World: Seeking God in a Frantic Culture,
and also
"A Contemplative Path" blog at www.wordpress.com.
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